About website…

This Windows 95/98 themed website has been created as a home project to gain experience in web hosting services, web applications and some HTML/JS/CSS. It may also host articles, files and other projects I may publish from time to time. Website is static, generaded using Hugo framework. You can read more about Hugo here. Why Windows 95/98 theme? Nostalgia to be honest. I dont try to make Windows 95/98 experience as accurate as possible, I want my website to have feeling of it.

About me…

I’m young jack of all trades when it comes to computer hardware and software, with focus on products by Microsoft. I write applications in C# targetting desktop, web and mobile environments. I can design, create and manage internal Ethernet networks both wired and wireless. I dont mind more physical work like building and fixing computers and peripherals, soldering and installing rack equipment. I’m curious about new technologies and hardware (and sometimes question them), although I have respect for older solutions where is due. In free time I play games, read articles on various topics like cybersecurity and DIY, do some outdoor activities or simply meet up with friends. I have experience in:

  • Microsoft Windows OS, up to lastest Windows 10 versions. I’ve been deploying, using, administering and troubleshooting Windows systems for a long time

  • Microsoft Windows Server, from 2008 R2 to 2016. I have installed and managed small scale servers with certain services ie. Active Directory, Hyper-V, File Server, DNS, DHCP, IIS, Update Services, Windows Deployment Services. Nothing big though to setup more advanced features. Also I’m looking forward to setting up Windows Server 2019.

  • Linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. Debian is my preffered distributon however. Mostly I setup nginx or Apache2, few exceptions include samba and media server.

  • Microsoft SQL Server from 2008 R2 to 2017. I mainly use SQL Server as a database for most of my applications.

  • Windows Powershell. I’m looking for opportunities to get to know it better.

  • LAN and WLAN networks. I used IPv4, IPv6 networks, and set up DHCP, DNS, firewalls and VPN connections.

  • Developing .NET applications. I write applications in C# for desktops with .NET Framework and .NET Core runtimes, and Android using Xamarin.

  • Warehouse IT equipment, ie. barcode scanners, mobile terminals, kiosks and label printers by Zebra (Symbol/Motorola), Honeywell (Intermec) and Datalogic. I can also design labels (ZPL2/Direct Protocol) and write applications for mobile terminals with Windows CE/Mobile/Embedded Handheld 5, 6, Embedded Compact 7 and Android. I can also write applications for printers using Zebra’s ZBI and Intermec’s Fingerprint.

I also have a bad word about Java and it’s owner, and PHP.